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Market Taxonomy

This Market Taxonomy section of IMT's Reports library includes market segmentation and definition documents for the resources that vendors sell to enterprises to support risk-aware decision-making processes. Business management concepts are translated into specific resource requirements that can be served by third-party suppliers such as risk management software vendors, risk management consultants, risk information providers, business analytics, and decision support vendors.

These market analysis reports identify and justify market segments with detailed definitions and supporting examples designed to (1) improve the clarity and efficiency of vendor-enterprise communication, and (2) support vendor market opportunity analysis and strategic planning to achieve market potential.

  • Enterprises can use these reports to consider resource requirements and the categories of vendors that could best address their needs.
  • Vendors can use the content as a basis for planning their offering portfolio development strategy and building market models to facilitate target market assessments.

If you are seeking industry research or market insights on a specific topic not included in our budding market research library, contact us using the link below to offer input for our research agenda or to explore IMT's custom research services.

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